Saturday, January 22, 2011

TeamPervert Video Categories

A lot of you guys asked me to do this, so it has been done. Sub-categories for all the videos in my archive. A lot of videos are tagged across multiple sections, but it’ll be easier to find shit nonetheless. 

Videos - This contains everything

Vine Videos

Black Videos

Latina Videos

Asian Videos

White Girl Videos

Arab/Indian - (I know arab and indian isnt the same thing, but they have to share a section, deal with it. Also their vids and pics are together for now)

BBW Videos 

Blowjob Videos

Masturbation Videos

Squirting, Gushing, and/or Creaming Videos

Tumblr Users or Submissions 

Public Sex Videos

Spanking Videos

My Favorite Videos 

YouTube - All non-sex/masturbation videos. This is mostly twerking and women playing with their tits. 

If you find a video that has the wrong tag, leave me a message. 


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