Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Anonymous said: Do you think that all female who post and send you nudes on tumblrs are hoes. I mean they feel some way because society won't accept them so they post nudes on tumblr and expect men to give them to satisfaction of their bodies. To me a hoe online is a hoe in reality.

Well your opinion is consistent with that of a moron. 

This conversation has been done a zillion times and I’m not all that interested in having it again. I won’t attempt to appeal to your sense of morality, but I will attempt to reason with your carnal logic. 

Is it safe to assume you follow/visit my blog because you like looking at naked women? It should also be safe to assume it pleases you when they submit pictures, correct?

Well why would you call them whores if you want them to continue sending in pictures? Isn’t it crazy to assume they’ll continue getting naked if they have to deal with comments like yours?

Hustling backwards. 


  1. curvydeluxxx said: *claps* thank you.
  2. vivalafifi said: Your verbal assaults and mastery of written language make me moist.
  3. theinfamouschubbykitten said: PREACH
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