Friday, January 11, 2013





Tumblr would be disgusted if they knew how often and thoroughly I licked my girl’s asshole.

It sparkles like the floors in the Mr. Clean commercials.

She drools like a special needs child when I do it and ruins the pillow. 

Praise Gawd for the men who aren’t afraid to lick a woman’s bootyhole. Especially when they let you smother them with it and you can feel their tongues darting, licking, and sucking in and around your ass.

um…wow ok then lol

so bitches…anyone gonna lick my ass? Its only fair. If I lick a bitches pussy and the area where yhu shit then I’m only seeing it fair that yhu suck my dick to perfection and clean my ass too. Again…its only fair.


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    I’ll lick a woman’s booty hole if I know she cleans herself good but she not licking mines, that’s a HELL NO!!!
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    Reblog because wholeheartedly about that life!!!
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    You could say it’s something like an acquired taste. I like to rim guys (and girls, I assume, although I think I’d take...
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    When ass gets eaten, you start seeing rainbows, unicorns leprechauns and shit!
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