Monday, March 4, 2013

Just continue a thought from the post I reblogged about cam girls earlier. 

Trying to jerk off to cam girl videos is the absolute worst. 

First of all, the bitch is doing like 87 things at once. She’s typing to losers in  a chat room, she’s responding to people on mic, she may or may not be arguing with a troll…. and oh yeah… she’s fucking her pussy with a toy at the same time. 

And if all that wasn’t enough distraction, there are those weird ass sound effects that come through when someone gives her money. So the entire thing ends up being like:

**fucking pussy**… “Oh yeah that feels good”

**Stops fucking pussy to type random message to someone**

**Wizard sound out of fucking nowhere**

"THANK YOU FOR THE TIP xpacfan842"

**continues fucking pussy**

"I don’t give out my location slasher83"

"oh yeah.. im gonna cum… but wait… my cake has to come out of the oven brb"


I’m waiting for a bitch to open Turbo Tax and get her refund on in the middle of a show.

How people pay for this shit is beyond my comprehension. 

It’s like trying to jerk off during a parade.